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At a certain point in time, everybody needs a mentor, and working with Drupal is different. We Provide private mentoring solutions for large and small projects (minimal: a pre-paid block of 10 hours):

DrupalDrupal Mentoring
Node.js and SSJS mentoring
CouchDB mentoring
Process technology
Web application architecture
For us, mentoring (see FAQ below) is not only coaching or tutoring, but rather a participatory commitment to your project, no matter how large or small. It means we’ll be working with you, instead of imparting abstract wisdom. . And you’ll receive the training tailored to what you ought to get done.
And it’s one of our activities, so please don’t hesitate to consult us about it support.


Brief Mentoring FAQ

How does this work?

As soon as your payment is processed, we have a first 45 minute session at which we scope out our work, and we try to give you a lot of homework. My additional time is only necessary for evaluating what you do and ensuring you’re on the right path. Hence the 10 hours will probably last 2-4 weeks, depending upon the demand for my intervention, but you’ll have to do a substantial amount of “homework” between our sessions, and our sessions don’t have to be of any minimal length.

Is the mentoring based upon what you would like to teach? Or what I want to know?

It is based upon what you ‘want’ to know according to my experience, based on one’s own stated goals. Nevertheless, you could control the things we deal with.
Can I ask questions? Even dumb questions?

Of course, we meet up on Skype, and the session is one-on-one, and completely interactive.
Where do you live and work?

In Argentina, LA, California, also in Buenos Aires
What’s your involvement from the Drupal Community? 

Author of book Leveraging Drupal: 

Developer of Project Flow & Tracker, an agile project management Drupal installation profile and online support: 

Is it a set path? Are your topics pre-designed possibly teaching me things I’ve already figured out? Or can I choose the topic?

This isn’t a set path, the topics covered depend upon what your experience has been and where you would like to go. This can be one-on-one mentoring to assist you to achieve your objectives, not an abstract class room.

I am new to Drupal have dumb questions in contrast to all your pupils. Do you’ve a essential base knowledge?

Considering that the mentoring is tailored, that is not an issue, on the contrary your questions will guide me on what you want to cover.
I am an old hand in Drupal. It’s just that with a current job I need help on several areas for where I have not had much experience. Do I still have to go past a lot of things I don’t want with you?
No, the party starts when and how you arrive there.
Just how much is it a day?

USD $100

Feel free to consult for special cases and customized or in house coaching

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