DrupalCampLA 2008 Keynote notes

Johnathon Lambert from Work Habit started out the Keynote activities with a Welcome to Drupal Camp LA.

Kieran Lal of Acquia.

So... big crowd... 430 signed up already. We coincide with the Emmy's later on today here at the L.A. Convention Center, but judging from the laptops no-one looks confused...

Contributed my extension cord to the general well-being...

Keynote coming up real soon now, cameras and sponsors setting up... people still filing into the main auditorium here.

Kieran Lal up on the stage, starting soon.

Here come extremely unofficial notes...

Johnathon Lambert

from Work Habit started out the Keynote activities with a Welcome to Drupal Camp LA.

See slides. (tendencies... lots of upwards pointing arrows... Drupal too... winners and losers... Drupal good horse... ).

"Your playing small does not serve the world."

"Make meaning and make money"

"Think big"

"Entertainment capital of the world"

"With Drupal we can move the world"

"What change do you want to bring about?"

Kieran Lal

Doing Drupal Camp LA and New York at the same time.

Combustible Drupal! Ready to explode.

Drupal enjoying growing recognition in winning competitions.

Strong competition though...

Winning in a Downturn (book): how do we grow in an unstable economy.

Many of the competitors are backing off... but Drupal increasing its marketing and development efforts.

Drupal sprinting towards gains in support for media, in usability, in being a test-driven platform...

Explosion in the number of groups all over the world... 150 local groups...

What do experts say?

Yohai Benkler... Open Source business model: Social production

Social production versus traditional factory production

Classic capital costs of startup are being challenged by new approaches which don't involve big centralized infrastructures.

People looking to work on interesting problems... transition from hobby to Drupal full time... motivation in making more money, but first of all it is socially rewarding... Social relations ... Social exchange between sectors, causes and interests...

Clay Shirky "Here comes everybody"

How to make contributing to Drupal as easy as hitting the edit button on Wikipedia? Redesign of drupal.org


Right here 15 volunteered to upload mockups and got teeshirts. Big huge community project. 1000 interviews for input in redesign process...